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Serving and showcasing exceptional seasonal, estate coffees from the worlds finest roasters. Prepared by artisan baristas.

Seasonal Coffee: Coffee should be fresh. Most of us know fresh roasted coffee tastes best, however green coffee should be fresh too. We work with roasters that source coffee that that has been harvested within 6 months. This being said, we are continually serving new varietals.

State Coffee: Coffees that can be traced back to a farm or estate. We love these coffees because you can start to taste and understand the coffee based on where it has grown. As in wine, you can develop a feel for the coffees terroir. Estate based coffees are often purchased directly from the farmer, so they benefit from the transaction.


Our goal is to bring back the true art of cocktail culture. We are preserving the craft of a well-made drink through thoughtful preparation and respectful methodology. We squeeze fresh lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit juices by hand. We craft our own infusions, tinctures and flavored syrups. Small things add a lot of depth and complexity to the libations created. We are also constantly imagining, creating, tasting, and inventing new libations for you to experience. We hope you will experience each libations’ fun and unique personality.


We simply love beverages, people, and the process of crafting phenomenal libations. Our goal is that each drink is presented in an environment steeped in education and passion. We want coffee and spirit to be approachable and accessible, yet democratic and revered.



From the valley of Phoenix Arizona. He spent most of his younger years at coffee houses, not drinking coffee, but day dreaming of playing punk rock shows and running a business. Music became realized for a few years, where he played music in the Phoenix scene. In 2004 he started working at a coffee shop, because driving forklifts (while fun) was not his life goal. It wasn’t more than a few weeks into being a barista that he realized serving the best coffee to the best people would be life’s call! The mountains of Colorado called him to the Springs, and people and coffee kept him there. Colorado Coffee Merchants was a fertile ground for him to gain more knowledge of the expansiveness of coffee. Which included roasting, sourcing, cupping, training, barista competitions, latte art competitions, and serving more of the best coffee to the best people. With interest in all things beverages, he is stilling learning about coffee, brewing beer, tasting wine, mixing spirits, and trying to find some of the most interesting flavors. He wants to share those flavors with the best people.

Coffee Experience

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Scottsdale AZ Xtreme Bean Roasters Tempe AZ Colorado Coffee Merchants Colorado Springs CO 2009 Mountain Regional Barista Competition 2010 Mountain Regional Barista Competition 2011 Southwest Regional Barista Competition Home enthusiast

Bar Experience

The Blue Star Restaurant Colorado Springs Co Home beer brewer Home enthusiast


Yoga, beverages, music, bicycling

Favorite Coffee

I never want to find a favorite coffee. Coffee is exceptional because of all the variations. Coffee is seasonal and ever changing, and I want my customers to experience what I have come to love.

Favorite Spirit or Cocktail

Whiskey! And anything that is interesting. I love trying inventive drinks. The Martinez is probably my favorite cocktail right now.